"I Reject You Alpha"|DISCONTINUED

"I Reject You Alpha"|DISCONTINUED

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"It can't happen like this", I said, running my fingers through my hair; thoroughly confused at the situation at hand.

  "I am not supposed to have a mate", I continued.

  "I have been waiting for you for so long", he finally spoke, I could hear a slight hint of joy in his words.

  "But I don't want a mate", I replied,"I will have to reject you".

  He laughed. He actually let out a full-on belly laughter, his body shaking as his boisterous laughter filled the room. 

  I arched an eyebrow and gave him a deadpan look. 

    He stopped, "Oh, you are actually serious".

  I nodded. 

  "No! Isn't defeating me enough harm done?" he growled, I noticed his clenched fists.

  I had wounded his pride.

But it just had to be done. For the safety of him and his pack.

  "I, Naya Alcan, daughter of Alpha Henry-", that was as far as I reached before I was tackled to the ground. Luckily for him I was not hurt.

  His eyes blazed with anger, turning a darker shade, a sign that his wolf was nearing the surface. 

  His large, warm hand covered my mouth as he  spoke, "Don't". 

He smiled. His lips parted as his teeth were on on full display, his extended canines visible. 

  It was slightly unnerving seeing this 180 change. "Why are you smiling like that? It was only a second ago that you were about to combust from anger".

  He chuckled, "You forgot one key ingredient".

    "And what could that be", I asked, wondering what holes he could poke in my thoroughly thought out plan. 

  "You have no idea what my name is", he said, that unnerving smile still present. 



This book has been discontinued, the rewritten version is out. It's titled Naya and can be found on my profile.

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