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Stop running from me (A Tom Riddle Story)

Stop running from me (A Tom Riddle Story)

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CatrinaHolmes By CatrinaHolmes Updated 3 days ago

"Stop running from me..."
    "...Because I love you."
    Tom Marvolo Riddle did love. Just the once. 
    But after what happened...he vowed never to love again.
    Esmeralda Fray arrives at Hogwarts for the first time in Tom's sixth year. She is mysterious even to her newly found friends. One her very first night, Tom takes an interest in her. He treats her like no one else, which both frightens and intrigues Esmeralda. When she begins to fall in love with him, he decides to reveal himself to her. Seeing who he truly is she falls completely for him and joins him in his dark journey. 
    However in doing so she starts to see the effect the darkness has on Tom and herself. The dark magic they build together makes them come under suspicion from those who have power. Will Tom keep her in his web forever? Or is she a mere pawn in his game?
    Their love is a dangerous fire - consuming flames, terrible destruction, like a great famished beast devouring everything in it's path and belching out black smoke. With a fire so out of control... 
    One of them will eventually get burnt.

_nikkihere _nikkihere May 24
Was it just me or is his stalker side is creepy but interesting and hot
Why do I have a feeling that she will be related to Bellatrix? Is it the hair?
🎶 I don't like the way he's looking at you
                              I'm starting to think you want him too
                              Am I crazy? Have I lost ya?
                              Even though I know you love me, can't help it 🎶
oooooooooh someone better hold me back cause someone bout to die
ShipsXAnchors ShipsXAnchors 4 days ago
I think it's because of her eyes. She doesn't like talking about them because she has Dumbledor's eyes and she hates him. Tom talked to her because her eyes are like Dumbledor's and he wants to know who she is now
Pulling her arm? If you touched lillian linton's arm, she would ramble about woman's rights! She can walk for herself.