This must be love (chat noir x reader)

This must be love (chat noir x reader)

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Hailey :3 By haileys_demon Updated Sep 08, 2017


(Y/n) isn't a normal girl, she's a miraculous from New York. Her parents have recently died so she moved with her aunt in Paris. (Y/n) may be grieving but that doesn't get her of keeping people safe from the villains that arise in Paris. 

She brought her best partner in justice, Justin brown, he's a fox miraculous and (y/n) is a wolf. They've seen each other's identity each day, but they keep it a secret to others. 

When Justin sees chat noir making a move on (y/n) he feels a strange feeling he's never felt before. Later on (Y/n) also loses her identity to one of the miraculouss.  Will Justin lose (y/n) to chat noir? Will (y/n) return his feelings? So many questions are asked, they will all be answered in this story.

I own the drawing (aka the book picture)

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<gasps> it's Sasuke and Naruto! ... hmm or is Sasuke a cat? Eh idk some ppl say he is a wolf and some day he's a cat wait this isn't a Naruto fan fic!
wait! what kind of mother tells her kid that as her last words
My hair is dark brown so...I made it even darker...and I wanna name my kwami lupa or is it a boy? If boy conri
wierd they Intruduce themself usually consumers don't do that 😐
Well it depends. Is the person in killing more important then the other? or is the person that's dying more important then the other? Or is the person I'm killing someone I hate?
you could’ve just had another phrase instead of “wolf on!” wolves have their tails down so i think tail down would be a good speech to say before a transformation & when you wanna detransform you can say tail up or smt