This must be love (chat noir x reader)

This must be love (chat noir x reader)

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(Y/n) isn't a normal girl, she's a miraculous from New York. Her parents have recently died so she moved with her aunt in Paris. (Y/n) may be grieving but that doesn't get her of keeping people safe from the villains that arise in Paris. 

She brought her best partner in justice, Justin brown, he's a fox miraculous and (y/n) is a wolf. They've seen each other's identity each day, but they keep it a secret to others. 

When Justin sees chat noir making a move on (y/n) he feels a strange feeling he's never felt before. Later on (Y/n) also loses her identity to one of the miraculouss.  Will Justin lose (y/n) to chat noir? Will (y/n) return his feelings? So many questions are asked, they will all be answered in this story.

I own the drawing (aka the book picture)

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h2robsar h2robsar Jun 19
Yes I would. Even if a teenager is gonna get shot. I will put myself in front of that person.
For the description, everytime I see new york, I just think about Impractical Jokers. I flipping love that show.
AND I LOVE ThE character you drew she looks exactly lile me black hair that's long and brown eyes
I'd kill for fun if it means I get a Katana, daggers, pistol, shotgun, and medieval sword
Lizzieliz18 Lizzieliz18 Jul 19
Let me see, idk, depends on if the person I'm saving is more liked than the other
I'll definitely kill *cough cough* u heard nothing *cough cough*