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The Gangleader Wants Me ✔️ || #Wattys2016

The Gangleader Wants Me ✔️ || #Wattys2016

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m e l ✨ By ActuallyMel Completed


"Who knew working at one café could change someone's life?"


What if your working part time at a café one day and suddenly a group of gang members comes in and starts destroying it? At first, Emma didn't know what to do. Run out the café and let them destroy it? Run away and contact the police? She didn't do any of those. Instead, she did the first thing that popped in her mind; beat them all down. Emma actually didn't expect to beat them all down, but when she did, the leader was nothing than amused. So what did he do?

He invited her to be apart of their gang.

This should be something...

naytaylie213 naytaylie213 Jul 27, 2016
Out of all the gngleader books ive read, by the start of this, it's a great book
BleuCapriceFlavour BleuCapriceFlavour Jul 27, 2016
Of all names Caleb, really?! You don't know how much I cried just now 😭