{{The Regret}}  (Under Editing)

{{The Regret}} (Under Editing)

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only a fool By shygirl2345 Updated Jun 21, 2017

Do you know how its feel to see your bestfriend and crush to betray you treating you like trash for a girl that 
hates you.......

naruto uzumaki has to go through that seeing his bestfriend and his crush walk out of his life for someone stupid

Will naruto save his crush or will he let sasuke feel the regret......

  • drama
  • m-preg
  • naruto
  • sakurabashing
  • sasuke
  • sasunaru
  • uchiha
  • uzumaki
  • yaoi
Killmethx101 Killmethx101 Oct 09, 2017
I love your writing I can really imagine it 10/10 👌 hehe but it’s runny to me cause it says “nut kakashi” hahah sowwy I’m really immature
natsu_anime143 natsu_anime143 Jun 21, 2017
Ewwww *throws up* I...I think I'm- *throws up again* this gonna take a while *still throws up*
RainbowCakeNinja RainbowCakeNinja May 31, 2017
My eyes! They're bleeding!!! *Blood pours down face and CakeNinja dies*
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings May 08, 2017
lol I would be in that exclusive 0.1% who's pissed off at Sakura/Sasuke because of them spreading the rumor
jojo1356 jojo1356 Jul 21, 2017
WHY DIDN'T SASUKE QUESTION THAT *censorcensorcensorcensorcensor*!!!!!!!!!
queencracra queencracra Jun 19, 2017
*throws up on the floor* oh god that was horrific I hope I'll never read something like that again