{{The Regret}}

{{The Regret}}

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outcast lastwords By shygirl2345 Updated Oct 13

Do you know how its feel to see your bestfriend and crush to betray you treating you like trash for a girl that 
hates you.......

naruto uzumaki has to go through that seeing his bestfriend and his crush walk out of his life for someone stupid

Will naruto save his crush or will he let sasuke feel the regret......

Nope can't *pukes* *grabs gun that was handed out by @TheDyingRaven* FIRE!!!!
At this point, I don't even understand what's being written. Also, use more periods, these run-on sentences are killing me.
bubbaj555 bubbaj555 Sep 17
Did anyone else want to cry then break something when they read this?
The headache is real. Take this story down and learn to write, omg.
Kcrocks1987 Kcrocks1987 Oct 06
Wait hold on if he went to the restroom why the fuk is sakura spying in the guys room?!
Same here I am not trying to puke and poor little naruto I feel bad 😔