The Diary of a Usually Unusual Teenager

The Diary of a Usually Unusual Teenager

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Somethingcrazy10xoxo By Somethingcrazy10xoxo Updated Oct 07, 2017

Hey, whoever's reading. 

This is the crazy diary of an even crazier fourteen year old girl. 

And that's me, Ramona. 

 I'm one of those people who prefers to stand out rather than fit in. To not go with the flow. Or as I say, I prefer to row upstream when the others are rowing downstream and vice versa. 

Get my point? Yes? Then, that's good. 

Because when you stumble upon the secret (or maybe, not so secret after all, since it's out in the open, now) diary of a usually unusual teenager, life might just get a  little bit...crazier and funnier.