The childless Alpha And His Barren Wife.(ManxMan)*Completed*

The childless Alpha And His Barren Wife.(ManxMan)*Completed*

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Louis Lemon By Mr-Lemon Completed

*Contains MPREG*

The great alpha of the Thorne Pack is mated to his wife, his Luna but after years of trying, they can't conceive a child.

Not able to continue the pack line of his blood with his wife. Alpha Dean Summers is left with no choice to be childless, a fate worse than death for any alpha until he meets Robin Grey.

Robin is a submissive wolf which means he can carry children and he offers to carry his Alpha's child if it earns him his freedom from the pack so he can explore the outside world.

The alpha accepts this but did he really expect to fall in love with the quirky man?

Will he find out about the lies that surround him, the betrayal.

( Robin is a surrogate Mother)

Pre warning: I call the men who carry the babies- mom and mommy.

This story is now COMPLETED.

Cover by the talented @JessKnightwalker :)

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Like I deadass cant even be mad at what she's saying because I'd probably be mad too if I was in her position
Darknesszzz Darknesszzz Oct 07, 2017
No. He's going to kiss him and then the baby will magically appear, wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier...
Persassy47 Persassy47 Jun 12, 2017
As a person who lives in the south I appreciate this greatly!
_proudotaku_ _proudotaku_ Nov 21, 2017
That little voice on ur head Everytime u think u gonna pass a math test 😥😥
Wait...So Victoria is just his WIFE and not MATE huh?!THAT MEANS THAT-ONG YASSSS