The childless Alpha And His Barren Wife.(ManxMan)*Completed*

The childless Alpha And His Barren Wife.(ManxMan)*Completed*

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The God Of The Lost Ones By Mr-Lemon Completed

*Contains MPREG*

The great alpha of the Thorne Pack is mated to his wife, his Luna but after years of trying, they can't conceive a child.

Not able to continue the pack line of his blood with his wife. Alpha Dean Summers is left with no choice to be childless, a fate worse than death for any alpha until he meets Robin Grey.

Robin is a submissive wolf which means he can carry children and he offers to carry his Alpha's child if it earns him his freedom from the pack so he can explore the outside world.

The alpha accepts this but did he really expect to fall in love with the quirky man?

Will he find out about the lies that surround him, the betrayal.

( Robin is a surrogate Mother)

Pre warning: I call the men who carry the babies- mom and mommy.

This story is now COMPLETED.

NATSUMEdr NATSUMEdr Sep 14, 2016
I want my son (if I ever have one or two) to have baby's, I don't want my daughter (if I ever have one) to be the only one suffering. Damn that sounded mean but I meant it in a good way
NATSUMEdr NATSUMEdr Sep 14, 2016
You could always adopt from a pregnant lady that wants an abortion and save that unborn life.
EmzyMay EmzyMay Feb 22, 2016
I'm waiting...  I don't care how long.  I will wait for the gaybies
TheEyeOfAchi TheEyeOfAchi Feb 17, 2016
Let me be honest. I hate that woman he has to call 'wife'. I don't like her not one bit. Okay I said it, you can all hate all you want but it's a free country (well not for kids).
Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Dec 27, 2016
We all waiting for this to happen cuz..... Hello GAYBABIES!! And I want women to be able to get each other pregnant WITHOUT MEN........ No offensive against men
Match_Box Match_Box Feb 14, 2016
I will be waiting for that, even if it might be a long time xD