Catch Up {Septiplier}

Catch Up {Septiplier}

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I'm a cunt By YouCallMeWentz Completed

Prologue [please read]: The blood trickled down his arm as he sighed. Once again he was stuck in the terrible world with nothing but himself and a razor. He didn't like it this way. No. He didn't want it this way. But the voices spoke to him one day. And now he's stuck like this. Until one day he changed his life.

He was the one to save him from this past.
He was going to rid him from this pain.

But things always
Catch Up...

*fangirl alert* 
                              Me:*ignores alert* *reads this sentence* o mi g- *fangirls*
iBubblyNic iBubblyNic Nov 19
Why am I reading this when Im bothered by BLOOD IM TORTURING MYSELF
iBubblyNic iBubblyNic Nov 19
OHHHH FOR SOME reason I immediately thought it was Jack who was self harming but now I know it's Mark
That razor is used to cut through the thick, gushing layers of his.......
                              Hair.        XD
I mean... Shouldnt you be happy? I dont think most people would cry becuase he didnt die...
It's the umbrella. The umbrella that goes around and somehow ended up with its original owner.