The gang leader's cure

The gang leader's cure

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Tomi_Olukoya By Tomi_Olukoya Updated Jun 03, 2017

" I can't sleep I can usually handle it but not today"

"Come in and sleep with me"

He rushed in and pulled me close his hot breath fanning on my neck 

I'm the one who can't sleep tonight 

Rosa a quiet good girl who gets the grades

Slash is mean and cold a top gang leader 

Rosa is roaming around his territory which is forbidden and she is captured and soon to be killed but then he makes her a deal...

  • death
  • innocence
  • mine
  • romance
  • truelove
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This_the_galaxy This_the_galaxy Oct 03, 2017
Lol she was calm talking to slash like wtf and she was playing with her dress lmfao
Luna_Ticks Luna_Ticks Oct 02, 2017
Ok so your first mistake was ignoring the sigh that kinda said like 'NO TRESPASSING' like what are you doing
mariamwhitedragon mariamwhitedragon Dec 26, 2017
Yeah i'm just going to be okay with you killing me in 10 days
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Aug 04, 2017
Um how she gonna moan and let him kiss on her when he basically just said he's gonna kill her in 10 days .... never understood wattpad girls
Luna_Ticks Luna_Ticks Oct 02, 2017
Are you bipolar because you were freaking out and then you were calm and then had a panic attack now you yell at him like WHAT!!!!
sup_world13 sup_world13 Aug 11, 2017
She did not just blush😭🤦‍♀️girl he's putting u in the death sentence