I fell in love with a Cat (Chat Noir X Reader)

I fell in love with a Cat (Chat Noir X Reader)

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ko ♪♪ By hopehopehopehopehope Updated Oct 08, 2016

You weren't heartless - you were just careless. That's how you always have been. Until you moved in Paris.

You didn't think that people would start seeing you as a third superhero, after helping Ladybug and Chat Noir many times.

You also didn't think that Adrien Agreste would fall in love with you.

And you didn't think that you would fall in love with Chat Noir... Without knowing that Adrien and Chat Noir were the same person.

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My cat in real life is all black with green eyes. Red collar with a tiny golden bell.
Lovetoreadergirl Lovetoreadergirl Jun 16, 2017
My cat has the exact same description except we call her yui
Love_katforever Love_katforever Jun 13, 2017
The cat name's are form Seraph of the end!....AYYYYYYYYYEEE!!!
Ceylon286 Ceylon286 May 07, 2017
Sounds like me except I wouldn't tell a bunch of strangers that much info about me
_rascal_20 _rascal_20 Mar 16, 2017
Ohhhhhhhhhh SAVAGE!!!!!
                              *bottle flip*
                              *slaps some people*  
                              *runs around*
amma_nya amma_nya Dec 24, 2016
Does ons stand for one night stand because tbh that's what thought