Nezushi The King's Secret Lover

Nezushi The King's Secret Lover

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Probably Your Senpai By seaanxx Updated Dec 14, 2016

Nezumi, a famous King who could win the heart of any girl. His life would look perfect in anyone else's eyes; but not his. On his 18th birthday, he is expected to choose a girl to become his wife for the future.

When 17 year old Shion appears in his life, Nezumi finds it extremely hard to keep his secret for much longer. Spending time with his air-head of a friend, he cant keep his emotions inside, but he could never let his parents find out for he feared what might happen to Shion; the one he had fallen deeply for.

WARNING: this is Yaoi (bl, boyxboy etc) also there might be swearing and slow updates.

I do not own No.6 or any of its characters, i only own the story in this book.

Like 87% of the girls at my school all look the same, act the same, etc. Nezumi, I feel for ya 😭
*demon Levi*
                              I will be ur butler in exchange of ur cleaning supplies.
I'm a girl and I'm already starting to hate his mother 😒😒
ck221B ck221B Jun 14
I always think girls are like that but at the same time I don't
NekoLiaraXx NekoLiaraXx Oct 02, 2016
If our love is tragedy, why are you my clarity -Shion x Nezumi
Aeden_writes_things Aeden_writes_things Nov 30, 2016
Are you like... describing the dating system at my school? When a girl has a crush on a boy he's allowed to turn her down but if a boy has a crush on a girl she can't reject :|