The Accommodations of Desire (On Hold)

The Accommodations of Desire (On Hold)

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Scarlett Drake By ScarletteDrake Updated Apr 22, 2017

Aidan & Eloise's story continues.. 

With her marriage and her heart shattered Eloise returns to London, and the man she loves.   Will the damage done in New York be something she can fix?  

Back home Aidan faces a new but familiar sense of loss.  can Eloise help him overcome it this time?  will he let her?

What happens when the heart finally gets everything it once desired?

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staren147 staren147 Jul 23, 2016
I can't wait to read this.... I'm glad you have given Aidan & Eloise at least a chance how to be together... Thank u...
JenniferSterritt JenniferSterritt Mar 14, 2016
When a story gets you so engrossed, you forgot to pick kids up from school, you're on to a winner, more of the same please xx
hoegwart hoegwart Jul 02, 2016
but i need to tell you congrats for your success and you're an amazing author, you got me hooked on every damn chapter; let me tell you something IT IS TALENT bravo xx
irungumarion irungumarion Aug 23, 2016
scar you are so talented.i love the way you alws brief your readers before they start reading.i will never tire of reading your work so please keep writing.i love you
BrooklynGillette BrooklynGillette Apr 28, 2016
Your story really resonated me. In fact I'm reading this instead of studying for finals like I should be.
VeGirl VeGirl Jul 24, 2016
Thank you so much for writing it, it was an exquisite work of art; a beautiful exhibition of complicated feelings... and great love-scenes. Thank you for posting it here for us to read. 💕👌🏼🙏