UnTAMeD LuST [Yandere! Mikaela Hyakuya x Reader / Owari No Seraph]

UnTAMeD LuST [Yandere! Mikaela Hyakuya x Reader / Owari No Seraph]

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Victor Nikiforov By --StarryEyes-- Updated May 20

You and Mika had a bond that can make any lover jealous. You two never kept secrets from each other so when your family dies from a failed escape and his near death your relationship takes a turn.

From his feelings that he kept in check it began getting uncontrollable as he just wants to do nothing but sink his fangs into your skin and keep you for his own.

No matter what stands in the way he won let the filthy humans or vampires get a hold of you... Because your the one who went through everything with him and he'll be damned if your not his.

YuukiShuu YuukiShuu Feb 20
I like how the prior comments are about people squealing in happiness because they are now Yuu's little sister... And I'm just here commenting on how I actually don't have enough hair to put in a ponytail.
lucius5122 lucius5122 Jul 26
Yuu is like I know my imouto is cute but Mika...I am your future brother in law!!(that doesn't work for yandere, do they?)
If you don't continue this I'll legit continue this for you like FREAKING THIS IS AMAZING!!
__animu__ __animu__ Feb 15
                              So innocent 
                              So far... 
                              But Mika is sweet I acc wouldnt mind if he went Yandere xD
My insides are actually stirring inside me right now whAT THE HECK?! This is so so amazing though oh mah ghaadd.