The✘Phantom✘Troupe's✘Little✘Girl「Feitan X Reader」

The✘Phantom✘Troupe's✘Little✘Girl「Feitan X Reader」

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| Ranked 2nd in the Phantom Troupe Category from the Winter HxH Watty Awards 2016 |

T o   b e   b r a v e   i s   t o   l o v e   s o m e o n e   u n c o n d i t i o n a l l y   w i t h o u t   e x p e c t i n g   a n y t h I n g  i n  r e t u r n

That's what Feitan felt for the Phantom Troupe's Little Girl (YOU) since she came into his life..
But he's not the only one who felt that way.
"What?" I yelled at him
"Yes, you have to marry him." He said firmly, his onyx place eyes stared at me with such heaviness. 
Me? Marry Feitan?
Unfortunately At the age of 17 Chrollo decides to make Feitan as your fiancé all of a sudden. You wondered why, as Danchou is not a person who does something for no reason. 
Before he could even announce about your secret engagement you met a particular Kurta and decided to follow him to this 'Hunter Exams'.
Will your encounter with Kurapika change your bond with the spider, or more, with Feitan?

I DO NOT OWN HXH AND IT'S CHARACTERS and I also don't own the pic above.
All the cover credits goes to @TheInfinityOfMaybe

Madame_Jae Madame_Jae Jul 13
                              For real though I've killed myself, Feitan, you are a smart-ass, but I'm smarter
If it is as 'easy as pie', then why didn't you disposed of her at the first place.
♫ Everybody's got a dark side
                              Do you love me?
                              Can you love mine?
                              Nobody's a picture perfect
                              But we're worth it
                              You know that we're worth it
                              Will you love me?
                              Even with my dark side? ♫
                              I dunno why, I just think of random songs.
Madame_Jae Madame_Jae Jul 13
He does in the anime as well, he speaks in short sentences, if not nothing.
Madame_Jae Madame_Jae Jul 13
Oml, I can imagine him crying tears of joy, standing next to Uvo, hugging the puppy named Feitan
Madame_Jae Madame_Jae Jul 13
Sounds like me irl, my step-mom already said to my face she hated me. I don't give a damn about her though.