The Best (vkook)

The Best (vkook)

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Yoon Kyle By kagayla Updated Aug 08, 2017

❝Think how will our parents reacted about incest..❞

It's not even blood related, so how it did became incest at all? 

─ bts' vkook; fanfiction/epistolary 
all rights reserved, kagayla
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JiminsStolenJams_ JiminsStolenJams_ Oct 29, 2017
Lol y'all saying 'senpai' but me! 
                              Blue Chair taught that me it was:
                              Notice me SHENpai!!!!!
Dj-hals Dj-hals Nov 24, 2017
So, apparently Jungkook is the one hiding Jimin’s Jam to annoy him like how he annoy him by calling him “short” and by not accepting his love for him cause Kookie love Tae 😂😍😭
TAETAE_taelien TAETAE_taelien Dec 20, 2017
OMGGGG !!!! PFFTAHAHAH *cough* I'm sorry food was stuck in my throat
- - Jan 29
Am I the only one who's annoying by stuttering? Don't get me wrong I like this book already I just don't like stuttering, whether it's in fanfictions or irl xD maybe if u stuttered a little bit on a first date or something that's cute but this is way too much lmao