Taken By The Dark

Taken By The Dark

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❝Only In The Unfathomable Dark Can Light Shine Its Brightest.❞
      When I gazed into Will's eyes I saw  his broken soul. A soul which had been forced to turn dark. 
      When I looked into his eyes, I saw pain and anger. 
      So much anger. 
      It made me shudder, it made me afraid. 
      I licked my dry lips and tore my eyes away from him. His eyes followed me, scrutinizing my every move. 
      Like a predator stalking it's prey. 
      "Look at me Marriah." I heard his soft but firm voice. I trained my eyes on his chest not daring to go further up.  
      "Look at me." He said slowly, his voice was a little louder this time, full of authority. 
      He leaned forward, now merely a few inches away from me, my breath hitched. 
      "Are you afraid of me, Marriah?" He asked, deliberately stressing on each word, his eyes were boring into mine. 
      With every ounce of courage I had I looked up and met his gaze.
      "No." My voice was a whisper, my lips trembled. He knew I was lying.    
      Honestly, I had never been more afraid of anyone in my life. 
      "No?" He asked raising his eyebrows mockingly. I realized  he was playing with my emotions and enjoying it.
      I straightened my shoulders and pulled my chin up, looking up at him squarely.
      "No, I'm not scared of you." I said boldly. I had to let him know that I wasn't weak, that I wasn't afraid of him.
      He smirked and leaned closer till I could feel his warm breath on my face. 
      "You should be." He whispered in my ear.

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ilikevodka ilikevodka Aug 02
They should have tried to blend in with the other people so that when says out they could run out with everyone else
DarrenDean1 DarrenDean1 Sep 13
Wow I love your writing style and the long chapter format.  Very Cool :)
Neon2663 Neon2663 Oct 18
I actually like your story. I just started reading it and its a nice write up
IrisChacon2 IrisChacon2 Sep 17
Terrific; jumps right into hints of romance and mystery, and follows up with a shock of action.  Good start. No wonder so many people like it. Congrats.