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Taken By The Dark

Taken By The Dark

580K Reads 23.8K Votes 37 Part Story
♛ R E E Y U By Reeyu97 Completed

|Highest Ranking:  #1 in Mystery/Thriller| 
    ❝Only In The Unfathomable Dark Can Light Shine Its Brightest.❞
          "Are you afraid of me, Marriah?" He asked, deliberately stressing on each word, his eyes were boring into mine. 
          With every ounce of courage I had I looked up and met his gaze.
          "No." My voice was a whisper, my lips trembled. He knew I was lying.    
          Honestly, I had never been more afraid of anyone in my entire life. 
          "No?" He asked raising his eyebrows mockingly. I realized  he was playing with my emotions and enjoying it.
          I straightened my shoulders and pulled my chin up, looking at him squarely.
          "No, I'm not scared of you." I said bravely. I had to let him know that I wasn't weak, that I wasn't afraid of him.
          He smirked and leaned closer, till I could feel his warm breath on my face. 
          "You should be." He whispered in my ear.
    WARNING: The first few chapters a kind of rough and disoriented but I swear the book gets better as it proceeds. 
    #2    in Mystery/Thriller      2/31/17
    #3    in Mystery/Thriller      2/17/17
    #4    in Mystery/Thriller      2/16/17
    #5    in Mystery/Thriller      10/30/16
    #6    in Mystery/Thriller      11/1/16
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jaXmiXe jaXmiXe Jun 14
So no one gonna ask why the nigga holding a whole hunting knife...💀👀
PanicInSAO PanicInSAO Jul 11
So wait. There's a pretty boy on the cover that just happens to be holding a large knife. I gather 2 questions from this. What is this guy's name? And why is he holding such a large knife?
cuttayaki cuttayaki May 01
If english isnt your first what a language do u use before author?. I think this story is such great. 👌👌👌
this is really good, especially considering english isn't your first language
Guyssss I need to know who the guy on the cover is. For research purposes. Yep. Totally. But seriously tho, who is that fine specifimen, I need to knowwwwww
Just looked at teh cast and There Is My 2nd Favorite Shawn/Sean!