Light as Snow & Dark as Pitch || Snowbaz

Light as Snow & Dark as Pitch || Snowbaz

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NevermoreTheRaven By NevermoreTheRaven Updated Feb 22, 2018

❝I've counted everything from sheep to galaxies to atoms to nights I'll have to sleep next to Snow.❞

The story of how Simon Snow, the Chosen One, and Baz Pitch, his nemesis, fell in love with each other (and sometimes down the stairs).

Most episodes are set before Carry On and include all things Watford, as well as the occasional sour cherry scone. 

This collection is based on Rainbow Rowell's novels "Carry On" and "Fangirl". Most characters and all rights belong to her (and Gemma T. Leslie and Magicath). Contains SPOILERS of all kinds. Deal with it.

Warning: Contains swearwords.