The Bad Girl's Affair

The Bad Girl's Affair

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Farrah Gold By glitter_xox Completed

Highest rank: #7 in teen fiction

Megan Gonzalez.Shes 17 years old nearly 18. She was taken by logan when she was 14 and abused and raped. Now logan is on the loose. 
No one know where he is.

She goes to west high. They have a new history teacher and she has an eye on him. 

Kayden Daniel. A nerd in school. But he has a secret.

What happens when they get paired up for a project together.

Will she choose him or the new eye candy teacher.

Hey everyone 
This is a sequel to the badboy's nerd. You can read it alone but it might be a little confusing so i would say read the badboy's nerd first then read this book

Hope you like it 

This book has a lot of grammer mistakes and its not edited.
Amazing cover by - @xThePineappleGirlx

All Rights Reserved - Glitter_xox

jackiej0225 jackiej0225 Nov 28
I know that in situations like hers its hard but can u really complain about people not understanding why u act like this when they literally don't know y
popcorn5R popcorn5R Oct 27
This is 14 years after the previous book, so Hannah and Caleb are 14. They probably had more children.
chrystal218 chrystal218 Apr 06
yep! I am sure i'm gona love this book just as much or even more! :)
AndreaElan AndreaElan May 11
You know what girl, I was just literally crying when I read the sentence story finished at the bottom of the story 'The badboy's nerd' (coz I l0ved it and want more stories like that)
                              But believe me the moment when I saw this sequel I just started jumping with happiness 😍😍
NoSounds NoSounds 3 days ago
How would they know if you don't tell them. Like knowing your parents they would hunt him down and kill him😤
rukkyjohn rukkyjohn 3 days ago
Rude bitch, if i said that to my mother, she would have slapped me back into her va-jay'jay