In my wildest dreams

In my wildest dreams

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Claudia By different_but_same Updated 4 days ago

"You made me come with you and meet him. So don't be mad I stayed the night with him."

Jade always only had her school work in her mind. Never giving in to the smallest distractions around her. Whether it be boys or even her friends. 

But when Jade is made to let loose a little and have a fun night out at the football, suddenly her university studies are put into second place, and she is finding the fun she missed out on for years.

As she allows her best friends to understand her problems she is faced with, becomes closer with a mutual male friend and slowly understands how hard it is to not let your feelings over rule your beliefs. 

Will Jade be able to keep the happy balance. Or will one side of the equations outweigh the other. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe this would happen.

cute chapter, hope she actually replies to patrick's text. excited for the next chapter xx
sorry for all the inline comments, this book is amazing, especially because a certain Patrick Cripps is being such a sweetheart ❣ can't wait for the phone call. xx
if that happened to me I would faint from being to fangirl-ish
ah, first chapter was cute as. hopefully she calls him. anyway, can't wait for the next chapter :)