Master (BDSM/Romance)

Master (BDSM/Romance)

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iChesireCat By iChesireCat Updated Oct 21, 2016

Victoria Walker is a struggling college student, looking for a new job while balancing the elements of school, work, and sleep deprivation. She has barely the resemblance of a social life and no interest in men or relationships; currently, her only desire in life is to graduate with honors.

Then enters Alexander Beckham, a rich entrepreneur, for lack a better word, and her new boss after being tricked into meeting him by one of the few friends she has. After becoming his personal assistant, she is thrown into the world of clubs, drugs, and the east coast nightlife and must learn to balance new elements in her already complicated life: possible romance and almost certain danger.

WARNING: This story has many sexual themes, many of which are considered "kinky" or are a part of BDSM. If you are not into this or find it disgusting or disturbing, please, DO NOT READ. If you comment or message me dissing BDSM and it's participants - it will achieve nothing except getting you blocked. Thank you and have a nice day.

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