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Alicia By AliciaMarino Completed

- This is the third book of the Consumed series. If you haven't read the first two, I suggest you do so or you will be extremely lost. :) 



Six months apart have changed Darcy Fontaine's and Benjamin Scott's life forever. 

They've realized they can't live without each other but will the twist and turns that lie ahead force them apart- against their will?

Tochyni Tochyni Mar 21, 2016
I loooooove your dirty mind..
                              With you I don't have to beg for the deets!
susycatbooks susycatbooks Feb 10, 2016
I'm scare now... the first 2 were everything I don't know if I can handle more
Red8146 Red8146 Aug 09, 2016
Ok so I must say that I have not enjoyed a series since I read the "crossfire" series. I love your writing. I really connect with the characters and their story.!!!!!!!!!
FelmaPonder FelmaPonder 4 days ago
I've been reading stories here on wattpad for a while now..i have never been excited to read all your stories..you are a good writer. I've read consume so far and i'm loving it.can't wait to read more😍😍😍
Mama_G Mama_G Feb 05, 2016
I expect nothing less!!! Your first 2 books.from this story have been remarkable ;D 
                              Mama G♡
FathimaThahire FathimaThahire Dec 30, 2015
I hate sad endings. I like the speed and space. The fights. The make up sex. But just one request it's ok if it's not happily ever after but don't make the end sad as I hate sad endings. Please spare me. I will be happy with the end of the second book.