Angel. [Jastin]

Angel. [Jastin]

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Justin Bieber lived in a house with three sisters who loved to torture him, his father is a rich man and always spoils his sisters, Justin's father doesn't give him as much money as he gives his sisters. Justin works and makes his own money. 

Justin meets a boy Jason McCann who acts tough but has a soft spot for him. 

Jason will do anything to have Justin who is suffering through depression safe and all to himself.

like.  im rereading all your stories because I love them so much
remember the movie evan and emma roberts played in and they worked in a sex shop or something
turntbae turntbae Apr 07
Yo kimberly annie and makayla why dont you do me a favour and piss off before i hold y'alls heads in and smashed it onto the concrete y'alls stepping on😒🙄🖕🏼🖕🏼
apples100 apples100 Jul 02
James you need to get YOUR life together! How you gonna treat YOUR ONLY son like that?
jerrybestie jerrybestie Sep 24
Don't mess with my purple frosting vanilla cupcake, fight me.
Aww the feels are real. *Hugs Justin like a teddy bear* My poor baby.