Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ THE DISPLACED | **A Wattpad Featured Novel**

Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ THE DISPLACED | **A Wattpad Featured Novel**

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One Disaster...Two Earths...Three Survivors: 
ONE has No Memory... TWO has The Memory...
THREE sees The Two... and makes The Choice. 
Haunted by their Past, Hunted by their Future, 
How will they ever find Peace?
It was a different Earth, a different age. Mankind was the Ark for the lost Animal Kingdom. But that world died and three survivors land on our Earth, in our age. They are aliens on American soil, but are they a threat to National Security? The government sends its Black Ops task force to capture them, dead or alive.
What will Danny do when an alien girl turns his heart and life upside down? Will he be prepared when the Shadow of her Past comes face-to-face with the Light of his Future?
"This epic tale not only spans the far reaches of time but burrows deep inside all of us, exposing the love and pain behind the choices that lay out the destiny we share." (Timothy Marsh) 
A self-contained trilogy:
SOTPT 1 ∞ The Displaced ✓ 
"One Disaster ∞ Two Earths ∞ Three Survivors"

SOTPT 2 ∞ The Rapids ✓ 
"Three Survivors ∞ Two Huntsmen ∞ One Chosen"

SOTPT 3 ∞ The Chaos [PG-15] ✍  
"One Chosen ∞ Two Ships ∞ Three Fates"
MOST UNIQUE PLOT: Romance Awards 2017

❝A true Sci-fi gem. This is some scintillating sci-fi.❞

❝Great, natural, easy to read narrative voice...Very nice read.❞

❝I normally stay away from fantasy/sci-fi, but you have me hooked! The fact that the story dips into different intriguing.❞

❝The overall cohesiveness of the storyline is absolutely fantastic!❞

#17 in SciFi  & #22 in SciFi-Romance so far!
PG-13 up to Cha.28 cursing. PG-15 violence & intimacy (noted in chapter).

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This is an outstanding book and I would recommend it for it's realism running parallel with personal from the far future. Reminds me a little like 'Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court '
TonyHarmsworth TonyHarmsworth Apr 16, 2017
It is so annoying when this happens to readers. Good idea adding a symbol. Must consider that myself.
RavenRock67 RavenRock67 Apr 09
Errors can be forgiven. And readers don't mind being proof readers. It's the story that matters.
SapphireAlena SapphireAlena Mar 23, 2017
NBR. I lived through 1979 as well. I'll let you know what I remember.
CatharticNonsense CatharticNonsense May 03, 2017
Love this idea. Often times, a chapter just stops in the middle of a sentence or paragraph and I'm just like... What... Was that it? And I don't know if it was intentional or not LOL