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Choco Mint Chip (Slowly Editing)

Choco Mint Chip (Slowly Editing)

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writing days are over sorry ♡ By idkpeanutbutter Completed

I stop by an ice cream parlor. I inhale the smell of sugar and cream as I hear the screams of children. " Uh, Hey, 2 scoops of choco mint chip on a cone please" I ask the middle-aged woman politely. She smiles at me as I transfer the sneakers from my right hand to my left to fish out a five from my pocket.
  "Hey, choco mint chip, please. Two scoops." a guy behind me says.
  "Chill dude, I still haven't got mine" I turn around to face him.
  He opens his mouth to speak but quickly shuts it as the woman behind the counter interrupts us
  "We're out of choco mint chip, sorry, she got the last two scoops" she gestures towards me and I stick out my tongue at him.
  The blonde guy behind me speaks up "Come on I really want it, I'll pay you double" he pleads with wide eyes and flashes a heart-stopping smile. He was really attractive, around my age, messed up blonde hair, deep sea blue eyes with a dimple at the right corner of his mouth showing as he keeps smiling.
  I snap out of my trance as I realize I was staring. I reach for my ice cream cone but the woman hands the cone to Blondie instead.
  "Hey!" I protested, looking at the woman.
  "He's paying double" she shrugged.
  "No fair! I was first before Blondie!" I exclaimed.
  "Blondie?" he quirks his eyebrows at me.
  *This story is translated into Slovak so if anyone finds a hard time with my writing and is more comfortable with the language Slovak, feel free to check it out (:*

PulcherDolan PulcherDolan 7 days ago
bitchh give me my damn ice cream before i cut you 
                              *swipes ice cream out of the guys hand*
thydreamerof_loveSS thydreamerof_loveSS Mar 14, 2016
Sort of like one of my favourites: His Bubblegum Klutz! 
                              Can't wait to read this too! :-) <3
-raineyboo -raineyboo Aug 14, 2016
Luke Hemmings or Kise Ryouta? 
                              P.S. if you don know who kise is, search up kuroko.
mGarraway mGarraway May 07, 2016
I love the idea of fighting over ice cream. You can't resist reading this! ☺😄😏
Jewels_Official Jewels_Official Apr 18, 2016
OMG! Oh snap, she went for the push over zone and he fell for it!
xxYours__Trulyxx xxYours__Trulyxx Aug 05, 2016
Great idea. He might not have remembered your face but he'll definitely recognize you now