The  hitachiin Twins X Reader

The hitachiin Twins X Reader

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Will you interfere with their 'brotherly love' for each other? You are a highschool student that was transferred to Ouran Academy. You longed for this day till your parents left you. They gave you some money but not much. You were a commoner now! But will that change when you realize your childhood freinds see your arms and sides. How will they react to your depression? Most importantly, will the hosts see you differently? Read to find out what happends to you when your left alone ro join Ouran Academy, and your childhood freinds are there too!

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Excuse me 11 year olds are like “hey (classmate name” you wanna read fanfics and watch porn with me and my buddy whilst sneaking shots of my moms vodka?”
animestolemysoul animestolemysoul Sep 15, 2017
Everytime I write a fan fiction there are a lot of time skips cuz I don't know what to write
somekinkyusername somekinkyusername Feb 24, 2017
well me and my best friend/crush are always asked if we're dating
- - Oct 05, 2016
yep be scared mother fuckers I can kill you without a second though
- - Oct 05, 2016
i'm an emo nerd but I wear bright colors but I have almost an emo personatiy but nerd is now where neer my level I am a otaku a kawaii otaku may I say.......................yeah welcome to my world that has an endless fairy tail soundtrack and people using 3DMG everywhere