Popular Meets Nerds // Harry Styles AU

Popular Meets Nerds // Harry Styles AU

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Ariana Block. Beautiful, stunning and extremely popular. Mean and snobbish are just some things to describe her. Together with her 3 best friends, The Clique A, they rule the school.

Harry Styles. Smart, unattractive and a complete nerd. Is always being bullied by the populars, including "The Clique A". Together with his 4 best friends, they are always the victims of bullying.

But when the "Popular" meets the "Nerd" and his other 4 best friends, what do you think will happen? 

Friendship? Hatred? Sadness? Or will there be love?

(Thank you @chexyie for making the cover of the book :))

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Lynnbeauty Lynnbeauty May 06, 2017
Read my trump,Hitler and shrek love triangle story , you'll be glad you did
ohmyfuckles ohmyfuckles Jul 31, 2017
one of the only books with pepsi jenner. i remember reading this when i was younger ugh, freakin' candle
gUcciFrOG gUcciFrOG Aug 15, 2017
I dont know what the word unattractive means when its in a sentence with Harry in it
I'd rather Imagine her as Taylor Swift 😍 hehe fvck off haters.
LOVE_8D LOVE_8D Jun 03, 2016
Ouch, seriously why would you say unattractive. I'm already attractive to him lol whahahahahahahaha. You can just say this all but don't say unattractive that's harsh
LOVE_8D LOVE_8D Jun 03, 2016
Wtf!!!! I'm so exited for this well that's all I'm GANNA comment at others too