Incubus (Completed)

Incubus (Completed)

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a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.
a nightmare.


Date Started: December 29, 2015
Date Ended: July 10, 2016

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ik he got a kind of femalish (is that even a word?) appearance but uuuh the demon aka chanyeol is rly stupid if he thought dat bacon was a women
Not even five sentences in, and the main character is already talking about sex.
stancha stancha Mar 06
I mean I have to agree , cause HELL YES I THINK HE IS GUD ..
He's an alien dude.
                              He's Yoda.
                              You just had sex with an alien dude whats wrong with you
chanbaekconfirmed chanbaekconfirmed Dec 31, 2016
Feelin the pain feelin the pleasure~ Nobody but u body but me body but us bodies together~ i want to hold u close tonight and always id like to wake up next to you~
                              SO WE'LL PISS OFF THE NEIGHBOUURRRS~
i am a seventeen- year- old girl....... i agree with the others. here