Yandere Wars - Yandere Vs Yandere

Yandere Wars - Yandere Vs Yandere

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Book 1

(Y/N) has had to start YET another school after being expelled AGAIN!
Having to fend for herself she finds a job at a run down bar just out of town in (T/N) where she sings part time after school. During her stay in school she discovers an unknown secret... it's a demon school. How on earth did she end up here? And why does she keep feeling as if she were being watched?..

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Book 3: 

Wait... (F/N)? Is that our friends name? Or our favorite name. Sorry, I need some clarification.
fluffyflerp fluffyflerp Jul 28, 2016
'It was beautiful! Like a picture from a book! (Or the Internet. .Hehe)'
                              All I can say is..
                              Was it Google because I've seen that pic before, and I think I used it. .Hehe