Pink Ribbons

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Sophie By Sophxo Updated 4 years ago
Georgia, a typical teen until her mother develops breast cancer. She somehow escapes her horrid reality and calls upon her magical, made up world from her pleasant childhood to help herself mentally through this tough time.
I love this chapter. I really enjoy the fact it is written  from the point of view of a five year old because not many stories give you the opportunity to experience that. It has already drawn me in!
This was a very sweet and unique chapter - from the five year old's POV. <:
I love it, short and simple. Don't reveal too much, (I am totally against Random-SinoSaur :X), this makes it more unique. <:
I really think this is a chapter at all. It needs more description because I have no idea whats even going on. you need a blurb. there wasn't much to comment on.voted
The imagery is great :)
                                    But check your punctuation as you're missing a few commas in places,
                                    No spelling or grammatical mistakes that I can see.
                                    - Emile
Uhhuu, I get to give first comment! :P :D 
                                    This chapter is maybe a little too short, but I still loved it. It's sweet and got me wondering what happens next :) voted