Amour Difficile / Modern AU / Ereri Fanfic

Amour Difficile / Modern AU / Ereri Fanfic

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Levi Ackerman has been a singer for as long as he can remember. Eren Jaegar is a student at Rose University. Eren has heard some of Levi's music and he personally loves his music now. One day when Eren is at one of Levi's concerts, a mishap happens and almost kills Levi. Luckily, Eren notices that this is gonna happen before hand so he actually saves Levi from being hurt in any way.  It's not anything big enough to kill him but he still ends up in the hospital.  Levi is eternally grateful to Eren for saving his life so he wants to hang out and really get to know Eren more. The closer Levi gets to Eren, the more Levi realizes that Eren is actually a great guy and he's not one of those fans who just care about his voice and his autograph. He then knows that he may just even love him.

Modern AU. 

Okay so this is my first fanfic so bear with me. I'm actually a really bad updater and this story will be going on for a while. 

Warning: Bad language, and some sensitive topics, maybe. 

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Attack On Titan, the great Hajime Isayama created them.  

Another Disclaimer: This is a slow processing fanfic, Eren and Levi do not meet till Chapter 18.

 •••Credit to my favorite artist @09raito on Tumblr for cover art•••

                              EGGS AND
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I'm not even half way into the friggin chapter and I already know you listen to awesome music.
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Yup yup I'm bi but XDXD
                              gals eren finally says he gay AAAFFFFF
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                              . I think Thomas is cute but as cute as rosko (my dog) 😖
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once I got mascara in my eye and my tears where black for a week. ._.