Akatsuki's little girl [Completed]

Akatsuki's little girl [Completed]

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めいしい By KitKittyKat01 Completed

A girl taken in by the Akatsuki to be just any other member

But what happens when the fearsome leader takes this child as his daughter with Konan as the mother?

With the other members begin to be wrapped around this little girl's finger

It's all laughs and smiles until she wants to go see the world outside the safety of their home but Pein thinks it's too dangerous

Well this little girl is not taking a no for an answer......

<{ Under heavy editing }>

    lithinig lithinig Feb 05, 2016
    Well that was unexpected think coming from pain-nya!!what!!!I an meowing!!!!?-nyaaaa!!!!?stop that -nyaaaa!!!!someone stop!!!-nyaT.T
    CP_Dollhouse CP_Dollhouse Nov 06, 2016
    Ikr. There's a fish, a black, white and asian tree, puppetman, a transgender bomb, paper, a lollipop, a never dying pervert, a snake pervert, and an smartass.
    ScarletNight02 ScarletNight02 Jan 18, 2016
    GeekyGurl4Life GeekyGurl4Life Dec 28, 2015
    XD Nice cussing in front of a 4 year old Hidan!!! XD XD XD hahahahaha
    EmmaValentin0000 EmmaValentin0000 Nov 20, 2015
    That's out beloved Jashinist... cussing out four year olds😃😃😃
    EmmaValentin0000 EmmaValentin0000 Nov 20, 2015
    He is so SUPER MAJOR WHIPPED ahahah😂😂 (p.s. Pein-sama DON'T KILL ME! WAHHHH!!!!!!!)