It's On (VKook/JiKook) [On hold]

It's On (VKook/JiKook) [On hold]

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🎨 By SILVERKOOK Updated Jul 28, 2016

"Did you hear? Park and new kid are fighting over Jungkook!"

"Hell yeah! This is like a real life drama!"


Park Jimin is head over heels for Jeon Jungkook. In his eyes, Jungkook has no flaws. From his eyes to his laugh, Jimin loves it all.

Jimin would like to think he's making progress with Jungkook, one step closer to making the younger his.

That is, until a certain new student named Kim Taehyung shows up and ruins everything. Well, he could ruin everything - If Jimin lets him.

Which by the way, Jimin did not plan on doing.


"It's on Taehyung."

"You say that like it's a competition Jimin - which it's not, because I've already won."


*on hold for a little bit because I'm running real low on ideas and need to get that sorted out*

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Jovylol Jovylol a day ago
There goes the introduction of the.....LOVE TRIANGLEEEE!!!!!!
                              I'm good , I'm done.
When you ship all ships equally but prefer other ships than vkook and jikook but you come here for the drama..
I relate. I'm a freshman but people think I'm a 7th grader 😂
I've got eleven different drafts with up to three furnished chapters hot and ready to serve. But I know I never will because each one has a completely different genre to the next and I don't trust myself to stay focused on one thing at a time.