3 Times Fallen (a Dramione fanfiction)

3 Times Fallen (a Dramione fanfiction)

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MK (the flying eagle) By ClumsyReader8 Updated Jan 04, 2017

When Draco realizes that he's part veela, what will that mean for him and his life?  After finding his mate in one Gryffindor princess, his life takes a drastic turn.  Hateful family, disbelieving friends are all in the mix.  A Dramione fanfiction.

After reading many 'Dramione' fanfics, I decided to compile one.  Not sure how it will go yet, but you'll have to read it to find out!   This is my first attempt at fanfiction, so try to bear with me!  Suggestions welcome!

I don't own any of the characters, places, or creatures created within the wizarding world.  All are property of J.K. Rowling.

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phenix257 phenix257 Jan 04
Sweet child and Draco in the same conversation! XD * le snort*
SerenaRoseJH SerenaRoseJH Jun 10, 2017
Oh my! I've read to many dirty dramiones!!!! I saw the word 'core' and thought...
Phoenix_Cold Phoenix_Cold May 25, 2017
Why is that ugly death eater a veela. I mean she said that they are attractive, but Draco's father is ugly. After my opinion.
vaccbi09 vaccbi09 Jun 16, 2017
That is the best description I have read about of veela so thank you for that. I look forward to reading this particular written work.
Sweet child and Draco in the same sentence. What has this world come too?😂😂😂😂😂😂
notbyzelo notbyzelo Dec 05, 2016
"was" a veela? Or is he still a veela? Very important information to know