The Hater

The Hater

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Twisted Sister By shaytards_love Completed

Reese Green, a fifteen year old girl, who lives in New Jersey with her mom. She's a normal girl who lives in a normal house, in a normal family, and has a normal life.

Well, if you include just her and her mom.

But one day, she discovers the shaytards, a YouTube family that love each other and support one another. And she hates on them like she hasn't done before. 

But little does she know, they will impact her life the most.

(Rated P-G 13)

Copyright- Shaytards_Love

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QueenAerie QueenAerie Apr 06, 2016
i hate to be the spell check police but it's spelled kendama loll
DaddarioMatthew DaddarioMatthew Dec 22, 2016
I didn't realise this was the first book I just finished reading the second book
thetiniestlifeboat thetiniestlifeboat Apr 06, 2016
Is it bad that this chapter captivated me because of the swearing? Like I dunno, the story feels more mature and captivating when there's swearing. Loving it
officialEmArre officialEmArre Jan 12, 2016
Hey, love the story so far! (Remember me? I'm xoMARY22802, but on a different account). I just suggest you put a rating on it for mature content, not that any things wrong with it, but a five year old could read it and report that there was no rating. Keep up the good work! XD