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"stop!! delete that photo you whore!!" i yell, at my best friend, zendaya. but i call her daya.

she took a picture of me and was about to post it on snapchat. i was currently chasing her in my loft. i only post on snapchat when i look good and right now i look ratchet as fuck.

"hey, you got a notification from this app called wattpad?" she asks, clearly confused. 

"here lemme see." i say reaching for my phone and she finally gave it to me.

"oh!! i posted the photo and don't you dare delete it or i'll post more." she smirks. ugh, best friends can be annoying sometimes.

i groan, as i put my right thumb on the home button and it opened to my home screen. my home screen was a picture of my babies. obviously justin bieber and ariana grande. it sounds weird saying their last names since i'm used to calling them by their first name. my babes!! just get married already and have children.

i click on the orange application with a "w" on it. i check my notifications and i notice i  had ...

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-cumpop -cumpop Mar 13, 2017
-cumpop -cumpop Mar 13, 2017
imagine living in LA and never meeting justin..or ariana..or anyone..literally my life is!
cruelstin cruelstin Jun 29, 2017
i thought my city was unknown to celebs bc it is literally the smallest town ever but one day jb just rocks up in a bus lmao 😂
niallwhoreanne niallwhoreanne Sep 14, 2017
That's when u snatch ur phone and cut every tie you have with em
niallwhoreanne niallwhoreanne Sep 14, 2017
Bro I once went to The Weeknd's concert and this one girl didnt sing half the lyrics right and I was ready to throw hands (oof this was before abel was dating Selena don't get triggered)
IonitoBoseva IonitoBoseva Apr 17, 2016
Like who has ever heard of Bulgaria¿ and im broke so peace out