My protective brothers, The bad boy, And Me!

My protective brothers, The bad boy, And Me!

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Writers block By kyradyke Updated Sep 05, 2016

For Abigail Parker or Abby as she prefers, high school was 4 years of your life to show you who your friends really are . 4 years to figure out who you really are. 4 years to find out who you want to become. 4 years that you could never go back and change. 

Abby spent her freshman year with her 2 best friends Megan and lily by her side. They did everything together. They gossiped, did nails, shopped, even did dance, soccer, and cheer together. But that all changed her sophomore year when Abby's dad decides to marry his girlfriend or her soon to be step mom Sam. 

Without any real say in the matter Abby, her twin Luke, and 2 other older brothers Chris and Kyle are shipped away from New Jersey to 2 hours away across the Lincoln tunnel to the heart of New York City. Which means they have to switch schools and leave Megan and lily behind. 

Abby is determined not to lose them but how far is she willing to go? Her 3 brothers and her are now in the busy streets of New York living in a uptown penthouse with 3 new soon to be stepbrothers. Oh yea did I forget to mention Sam has 3 sons one in Abby and Luke's grade, Chris', and Kyle's.

They are all jerks on the outside but is Abby willing to stick around and give them a chance to see what they are actually like? Will Abby's past catch up with her? And what happens when a bad boy that her brothers and stepbrothers say she can't talk to start to take a liking to her? 

All hell will break loose! There will be drama, fight, and hopefully forgiveness. Will she survive life with 6 older and way to protective boys or will she shut them all out for good?

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eby124 eby124 Mar 04, 2016
I swear to god brother's are annoying my friends always ramble about wanting to lick their abs 
                              Non existing abs may I say
                              Okay abs
                              What ever
Mikuann_34 Mikuann_34 Aug 12, 2016
Wait...I'm kinda confused a bit but still they are great characters tho...