Life is Confusing » NaLu

Life is Confusing » NaLu

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Lucy, A secret agent working for her father and his company, to track down some of the biggest magic waves that travel through the city. Her job, capture the person who has caused all the destruction throughout the whole town of Magnolia.

Disguised as a regular school girl named Lucia, also A top cheerleader, wonders into the biggest academy know as Fairy Tail Academy. Where all the giant waves come from.

Natsu, a normal teenage boy who found out he has magic. Fire magic, while fighting with his best buddy, Gray. All the sudden earthquakes and destruction comes from the energy of his flames. The whole school doesn't have magic, except Natsu. As he thought.

When he sees Her, the new girl know as Lucia, his heart throbs for her attention. He spilled it, his secret.

How will Lucy deal with her problem? What happens to their relationship?


I do not own Fairy Tail or its characters, only the plot.

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Anime0001 Anime0001 Jul 06
I must be a Heartfilia at heart 'cause that is one of 2 of my definitions of fun.
Animefan015 Animefan015 Aug 07
I would of never guessed 😰😰😰😰😰 Yay 😰😰😰
nalujerza3 nalujerza3 Aug 27, 2016
I find this so funny cuz it'd called mysterious cheer leader and I'm a cheer leader
- - Mar 20, 2016 she on the good or evil side????
                              Ik I'm stupid😂
someone-cool someone-cool Jul 03, 2016
It like Black Butler, when Ciel said give they that "phantomlord" treatment