My Own Book of Scrap

My Own Book of Scrap

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Blood Pressure By Bumblemus_Prime Updated Oct 27

Just a bunch of random scrap. 

And some venting or ranting, if I feel like it.

Lol this book got #29 in Random


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                              YOUR WRITING IS THE SH¡T IN A GOOD WAY
jbuggy100 jbuggy100 Aug 01, 2016
I've seen reading lists like that, and some of the books in there were really good books, and I definitely agree,people shouldn't be putting books they dont like in reading lists like that.
THANK YOU!!! PEOPLE CAN BE SO MEAN SOMETIMES. And I personally love your stories.
Skittles1297 Skittles1297 May 11, 2016
I feel your pain. I actually have been hiding my writings for years because of the fear of being laughed at, but I now know there are people out there that enjoy what I have written and I think you shouldn't listen to the haters.
Bluejay_Symphony Bluejay_Symphony Feb 19, 2016
How dare they! Your writing is AWESOME!!!! I don't understand!!!! Where are they?!?! Tell me who they are NOW!!!! I'mma beat them up!!!! 
                              O.O 😡😡😡😡😡😡
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Dec 18, 2016
THAT BOOK IS AMAZING AND MADE MY DAY SO MANY TIMES -I read it last year but still remember it- AND TRUST ME, I ONLY REMEMBER THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING -ask my math teacher, as I never remember anything from her lessons :3- AND I THINK YOU ARE AMAZING AS WELL