My Own Book of Scrap

My Own Book of Scrap

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BP By Bumblemus_Prime Updated 3 days ago

Just a bunch of random scrap. 

And some venting or ranting, if I feel like it.

Lol this book got #29 in Random


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MTMTE_Silver-Blaze MTMTE_Silver-Blaze May 25, 2017
                              YOUR WRITING IS THE SH¡T IN A GOOD WAY
Geek_Prime Geek_Prime Dec 24, 2017
I have two reading lists none label the books it just tells me the type of book, like Nursery or Geek_Prime's Reading List those are ok because they aren't really labeling and who ever done that can be a prisoner of Megatron... Not die though cause that's rude.
Geek_Prime Geek_Prime Dec 24, 2017
Scratch that last part because that was for a different thing
Nighthawk_the_Great Nighthawk_the_Great Dec 05, 2017
I love your writing! It's captivating, emotional, and hilarious at the same time!
jbuggy100 jbuggy100 Aug 01, 2016
I've seen reading lists like that, and some of the books in there were really good books, and I definitely agree,people shouldn't be putting books they dont like in reading lists like that.
TFP_Smokey_Forever TFP_Smokey_Forever Jan 15, 2017
THANK YOU!!! PEOPLE CAN BE SO MEAN SOMETIMES. And I personally love your stories.