DARTH {muke}

DARTH {muke}

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iwritealott By iwritealott Completed


- mpreg!muke au / not a star wars au
- lowercase intended
- book one of two. prequel; anakin
- completed; under revision 

- started; january 2016 
- ended; march 2016

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I wonder what would happen if I did this to Luke........I'd probably get arrested
supermarketfIowers- supermarketfIowers- Dec 21, 2016
You can always spin around the life instead walking , it's funnier
MukesBooty_ MukesBooty_ Sep 15, 2016
OH I'M SO EXITED! I read the other book and just found out about the next one :)))
wrongbandniall wrongbandniall Dec 31, 2016
moment of silence for people who have never watched star wars, including me.