Yandere Male! X Reader

Yandere Male! X Reader

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Y/n lives her life so normally, even though she had to move from her home in America to an apartment building in Japan. She still goes to highschool, but refuses to find friends, even though all the students are nice and they know English.

No, it's because she had dealt with a Yandere at her other school, so she is very afraid of everyone.

When y/n finally agrees to talk with a super nice boy, she soon sees his true Yandere side. Threatening every boy who even looks at you, following you for 'your protection' and asking you about EVERYTHING.

Will you continue to be near him, maybe even go out with him, or will you use your wits to escape him.

Mei: I'm a Kuudere that understands Yanderes! Take my brother as a example.
                              Kai: *Hugging Mei from behind while obviously sleeping*
                              Admin: *Hugging teddy bear* Help me. @-@
How dare you?! I would love to go to Japan!! It has maid cafés with cute girls dressed up as maids! And it even has butler cafés where cute dudes dress up as butlers! And both butlers and maids call you mistress (if you're female) or master! (if you're male)
KmnPlease KmnPlease Sep 11
I love how I'm just casually talking to myself in my head like a psychopath
all of that talking to 'myself' is giving me possession vibes
                              like in a horror movie where a ghost controls you, and talks to YOU in your own mind because well, you are still there, but you cant control your body or anything.
                              plot twist: the reader is actually possessed by a ghost (DUN DUN DUNNNN)
I would love for my boyfriend (or girlfriend) to trap someone in their basement if they looked at me..
The 'wa' is actually a 'ha' but is pronounced in the 'wa' way for Japanese purposes