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Yandere Male! X Reader

Yandere Male! X Reader

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Dankest Memes By x_golgothasTerror_x Completed


*Also, please don't try and correct any of my work, either grammar, puntuation or anything else. I worked hard and my work is my work. Please and thanks*

Y/n lives her life so normally, even though she had to move from her home in America to an apartment building in Japan. She still goes to highschool, but refuses to find friends, even though all the students are nice and they know English.

No, it's because she had dealt with a Yandere at her other school, so she is very afraid of everyone.

When y/n finally agrees to talk with a super nice boy, she soon sees his true Yandere side. Threatening every boy who even looks at you, following you for 'your protection' and asking you about EVERYTHING.

Will you continue to be near him, maybe even go out with him, or will you use your wits to escape him.

I want to go to Japan, Paris, London, Ireland and Italy 😃
MightTDay MightTDay May 12
Yandere males are to ROMANCE AND HANDSOME!!! Dose anyone else agrees with me?
xX_CrimsonBlood_Xx xX_CrimsonBlood_Xx Dec 20, 2016 wanna fight me, me? LET'S GO! (i always wanted to go to Japan but since it's on the day where i have school, i can't f*cking go anymore.....and i might have cried...hahaha ;-;)
I actually do know some Japanese... I'm learning and it's fun but evil.
In Japanese I know 
                              Arigatou~ thank you
                              Sumimasen~ excuse me
                              Kon'nichiwa~ hello
                              Sayōnara~ good bye
                              Gomenasai~ sorry
                              Fūdo ~ food(lmao)
                              Dog~ Inu
                              Neko~ Cat
                              And all my friend's and family's names lmao I'm such a weeb
Feels like the writer knew what's going on with my crazy mind.