Yandere Male! X Reader

Yandere Male! X Reader

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*Also, please don't try and correct any of my work, either grammar, puntuation or anything else. I worked hard and my work is my work. Please and thanks*

Y/n lives her life so normally, even though she had to move from her home in America to an apartment building in Japan. She still goes to highschool, but refuses to find friends, even though all the students are nice and they know English.

No, it's because she had dealt with a Yandere at her other school, so she is very afraid of everyone.

When y/n finally agrees to talk with a super nice boy, she soon sees his true Yandere side. Threatening every boy who even looks at you, following you for 'your protection' and asking you about EVERYTHING.

Will you continue to be near him, maybe even go out with him, or will you use your wits to escape him.

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scaryhoe scaryhoe Nov 06, 2017
me : h - 
                              urban outfiters employee: Strangers mean new friends, new friends lead to a possible relationship, a new relationship leads to heartbreak, heartbreak leads to possible suicide.
SMDaoba2 SMDaoba2 Sep 14, 2017
I'd be running like those girls from Maury when he yells out that your baby daddy ain't the father if I found out I was moving to Japan bruh 💀
                              HO B GRATEFUL
Daddy_Viktor_ Daddy_Viktor_ Sep 02, 2017
Yeah, out of all places. Japan is his choice, not that I have a problem
Green-Coffee Green-Coffee Oct 15, 2017
The summary has me pumped up since I went through something like this. I'll be able to relate to this reader a lot so I'm excited.
SushiBunz SushiBunz Nov 26, 2017
were all reading this fanfic, meaning we probably won't think like that
Meowkid1000 Meowkid1000 Jan 25
Honestly Id absolutely LOVE to move to japan. AAAAAAALLLLLL DE ANIMOO