The Dictionary For Fangirls And Fanboys

The Dictionary For Fangirls And Fanboys

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Na JaEmIn Is AlIvE By ThatMarauderGirl Updated Jan 11, 2017

A dictionary for all the words and phrases in the fandom world. And any other important words a fan would need to know.

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Citastic Citastic Dec 11, 2016
I always squeal when reading my Harry Potter ships fangirls are like pigs their sounds are so similar.
NeverCalumDown NeverCalumDown Sep 14, 2016
Or when someone says something bad about their fandom or ship
2plus2equalsfish 2plus2equalsfish Sep 03, 2016
                              IT MEANS BRITTLE OR BREAKS EASILY
pastelthot pastelthot Aug 05, 2016
Or when someone says that Robbie Kay is ugly. Or any other hot fictional characters.
KRenOwings KRenOwings Dec 09, 2016
Once my step sister walked in and tried to talk to me and my facial expression was all it needed to send her running is was the ( your going to die) facial expression.
DarkeCatnip DarkeCatnip Mar 07, 2016
I've been a fangirl of Legolas and Indiana and Ham Solo since the first time I watched their movies... at age four and a half (don't ask me why a four year old was allowed to watch PG 13 movies. Ask my dad)