Turn Me On [Mettaton X Reader]

Turn Me On [Mettaton X Reader]

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the future liberals want By Levirne Completed


These feelings were just a bug. A bug Alphys couldn't figure out.

 That's all that Mettaton knew, because after all, he was a robot and you were a human. He ran on batteries, and you ran on food. He had variables and you had hormones.

The difference between the two of you could not have been larger.

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tAekookInfiresMe tAekookInfiresMe Oct 30, 2017
i was like hakhakhahk turn me on hashtag title reference 
                              then i read the comments
donuzrul donuzrul Nov 27, 2017
my innocent little sinammon roll is not as sinny on the surface *melts*
Thefox222 Thefox222 6 days ago
He’s actually a ghost. 
                              But I’m not going to judge this, since I just started reading,
                              But I already like it.
Crazy_fangirl_here Crazy_fangirl_here Dec 25, 2017
                              THEY ARE THE ONLY BUG I LIKW
SpinosaurusPlays SpinosaurusPlays Oct 30, 2017
Mettaton not being able to walk in his boots? *Gets phone out* Blackmail!~
tAekookInfiresMe tAekookInfiresMe Oct 30, 2017
i wasnt thinking about the sentence
                              so i read it out loud
                              tysm god i'm home alone