Misfits {Scisaac and Stydia}

Misfits {Scisaac and Stydia}

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"Welcome to the humble abode of misfit toys," Isaac mutters and claps Stiles on the back. 


Main ships in this story: Scisaac and Stydia

Disclaimer: All the kids (except Scott) are FOSTER kids. They aren't adopted. 


Isaac's mother had gotten sick when he was six. A year later, she passed. His father went crazy after his wife died. He blamed his son for her death and abused him, mentally and physically. He was put into the McCall home at age ten.

Lydia's mother had went AWOL on her and her father when she was almost three. When Lydia started going through puberty, her father started to notice her in a way a father shouldn't notice his own daughter. She was put into the McCall home at age thirteen.

Allison's mother abandoned her at the hospital right after she was born. She was placed into the McCall home at age seven. 

Scott McCall's father left him and his mother when she finally told him to get out of the house. Scott was only five. Melissa told him to leave and come back when he got his priority straight. He never came back.

Then came Stiles Stilinski, the newest member of the group. His father was an alcoholic who wouldn't come home at night. His mother was in the hospital, slowly dying. He was placed in the McCall home at age sixteen, a few years after everyone else. 

They're all misfits in their own ways. Always will be.