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Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes

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That Odd Girl By oddybody1221 Updated May 30

(Previously known as: The Life of the Bullied)
  ~How can you say you love someone, when you can't even love yourself?~
  "James, don't."
  "Why not?" His breath was hot against my ear, making a shiver rack through my body as I tried to come up with a coherent answer.
  "B-because it's e-embarrassing..."
  "What are you hiding under here that could possibly be embarrassing?" As if to answer his own question James finally pulled the t-shirt up and off my body, his movement freezing as he stared at me.
  Sarah Hall is the fat girl. Having people, let alone her ex-friends tease, ridicule, and insult her everyday she's bound to have trust issues. Although she tries to blend into the crowd, pretend she's as invisible as she seems, her life is quickly interrupted when James Black waltzes in like he wasn't there everyday when she was bullied. And it doesn't help that she has sporadic bursts of the confident girl she once was coming in every now and then.
  James Black is a popular boy. Tattoos, star soccer player, center of the popular crowd. He doesn't care what anyone has to say or think about him, but when his attention is captured by one particular beauty he's bound to have some selective words for those who bully her. Yeah, he has a thing for the fat girl, the only thing is now getting her to have one for him.
  Find out what happens when they meet, and what exactly happens when the fat girl and the popular boy get together.
  Highest Ranking: #44 in Teen Fiction, October 4rth, 2016

Shiiiii my makeup be slaying so what if I'm a big girl tf? Slay girl you know deep down you look bomb af
bummy_xx bummy_xx Apr 17
Sorry but I am some girls can stand there and take it but not me never ever
SavageTITI SavageTITI Apr 07
Oh hell nah, I would beat the crop out of her. I would be like: "CATCH OUTSIDE HOW ABOUT THAT?!"
wilsorob007 wilsorob007 Apr 19
I never understood how you can call someone who's actually very pretty ugly, like I get you're trying to be mean but be more original! I wish I went to that school I'd be on her so quick
SavageTITI SavageTITI Apr 07
I have to say that ur right... But still, I would still say: "CATCH ME OUTSIDE HOW ABOUT THAT?!" 
                              ... JUST JOKING
- - Aug 29, 2016
I just pop in earbuds, listen to music and turn my resting bítch face up.