Battlefield Romance: Hakuōki x Reader

Battlefield Romance: Hakuōki x Reader

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A series of one-shots/canons/(or whatever they're called), featuring your favorite male characters from the anime series "Hakuōki": Hijikata x reader, Okita x reader, Sannan-san x reader, Shinpachi x reader, Harada x reader, Heisuke x reader, and Saito x reader.

Demons (such as Chikage), other Hakuōki characters (such as Yamazaki or Kondo), and scenarios are written by request.

(All reader personas that the author uses in the "First Encounter" sections will be used continuously throughout for their respective characters.)

(This is also a series that I update when I feel like it. Don't expect frequent/weekly updates, because it won't happen.)

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