It's Not Real (TMR/TW) Book 1

It's Not Real (TMR/TW) Book 1

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Jenna By Broken-Together Completed

Stiles has been missing since Gerard kidnapped him from the lacrosse game, two years ago. Everyone thinks he's dead until Chris Argent receives a coded message with a video. Can Scott and the others find him in time?  And why does he think his name is Thomas? 

"My name is Thomas. I work for an organization known as WCKD. I need your help."

(crossover between The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf)

thank you! I love the support everyone has given me. I didn't expect this story to get as many reads and votes as it did. I hope you enjoy the rest of the books!
Void_Bibou Void_Bibou Feb 11
Oh my God, I love it ! 😍
                              Can't wait to read the others chapters, mixing TW with TMR is just a incredibly good idea ! I was wondering what would happen if the two stories were mixed and then I found your story... That's perfect 😍
                              (* sorry if there's mistakes in my comment, I'm french ^^)
This is better than my mixtape. (Sorry I said that. But the story's good)
not going to lie. I had no idea what that was so I looked it up and wow. totally coincidence.
Great opening. I'm actually really intrigued with what this story is going to be about!