Indecisive Me, Sensitive You (BWWM)(INTERRACIAL)

Indecisive Me, Sensitive You (BWWM)(INTERRACIAL)

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unpredictable By sincerelyjayy Updated Dec 29, 2017

•Sequel to Agressive Me, Passive You•

After finally confessing their attraction to each other, Hunter and Aniya are together in the most intimate way as possible. They thought everything would be figured out once they told each other how they really felt, however, they were wrong. Liking someone is never simple, there's always the ups and downs. They took it too far at the wrong time. She's pregnant with Hunter's baby and Hunter cheated on his girlfriend.


"First sentence of the book and my heart already can't handle the cuteness." ~ qlurryface

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"This is so amazing ... I'm so ready for the next chapter and all of the rest to come." ~ sarcastiicbre 

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GreatestAwakening GreatestAwakening Dec 30, 2017
Weird... people getting mad and offended cuz he called her ‘Black girl’ but if Hunter is being called ‘White boy’ then it’s automatically ok. 🐸🍷
This story is so frustrating I just want then to be happy together
staylitty staylitty Dec 23, 2017
Lol they both virgins and wasn’t planning on having sex anytime soon so it makes sense that they don’t have condoms on them..
Sugataokesu Sugataokesu Jan 04
It’s not entirely his fault tho, you ain’t tell em to stop
Jencel13 Jencel13 Feb 14
why is he even doing all this talking and he still with ole girl
staylitty staylitty Dec 23, 2017
I think he asked cause at the beginning he was saying all that ish about how he wouldn’t date a black girl