Empty Heart (Sans x Reader)

Empty Heart (Sans x Reader)

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Yuki_Wolff_ By BigbyBigBadWolf Updated Jan 18, 2016

"Don't you know how to greet a new pal?" 

 "Kids like you should be burning in hell." 

 "Dirty Brother Killer." 

 "Sans! I'm not any of those! I didn't hurt anyone!" But the skeleton wouldn't listen. Eye glowing blue, he raised his hand, taking your body with it. 

 "Sans! Please!" An evil, bone-chilling laugh echoed through the room. "You never change Y/N." And with that, you shot back down to the ground...

Warning! Dark Themes such as Depression, Social Anxiety, and Suicide ahead!  

(Obviously there is some spoilers ahead for both genocide and pacifist route.)

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EEEYYYY well I guess we get to do all of those things with sans down here in da underground... That's good, right?
_-Cyan-_ _-Cyan-_ May 15
Literally, pretty much every undertale fan ever has this phrase memorized
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              Holy shiitake mushrooms 
                              That escalated quickly
Sansxkenzie Sansxkenzie May 12
                              (Y/N):I finally wanna be alive 
                              I finally wanna be alive 
                              I don't wanna die today 
                              I don't wanna die. 
                              God: I love u my daughter so I will grant u ur wish to live... But it will be not with what u think... U will be with a different man... Have fun. Love u.
TheRealFriendZone TheRealFriendZone Nov 18, 2017
Has anyone thought that the mountain might actually be a giant monster? :v
I’m actually quiet scared of the dark... Nyctophobia is what it’s called. The fear of the dark.