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Empty Heart (Sans x Reader)

Empty Heart (Sans x Reader)

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Yuki_Wolff_ By BigbyBigBadWolf Updated Jan 18, 2016

"Don't you know how to greet a new pal?" 

 "Kids like you should be burning in hell." 

 "Dirty Brother Killer." 

 "Sans! I'm not any of those! I didn't hurt anyone!" But the skeleton wouldn't listen. Eye glowing blue, he raised his hand, taking your body with it. 

 "Sans! Please!" An evil, bone-chilling laugh echoed through the room. "You never change Y/N." And with that, you shot back down to the ground...

Warning! Dark Themes such as Depression, Social Anxiety, and Suicide ahead!  

(Obviously there is some spoilers ahead for both genocide and pacifist route.)

wildworld wildworld Jul 07
Then go kiss or date somebody! It's not like anyone would care if you embarass yourself
Demons don't eat humans silly.. they eat the souls of the innocent DUH!
Then, you walked in. The light was blinding now. You heard a soft, but yet booming voice call your name. As you got closer, it got loud enough for you to hear "Come here my child." Then, with shock, you realized...
                              IT WAS JESUS
"I know you aren't a monster, monster." Lel we just called him a monster I'm dedddd
My friend said once that he thinks me as like the narrator in undertale.
Maybe not a monster monster, probably a monster monster monster, or maybe a monster monster monster monster