I Don't Wanna Let This Go {Tim Drake x Reader}

I Don't Wanna Let This Go {Tim Drake x Reader}

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D꙰I꙰N꙰A꙰H꙰L꙰A꙰N꙰C꙰E꙰ By -Black-Canary- Updated Nov 18

To everyone else Y/n is the normal 16 year old girl, but to her teammates on the Teen Titans, she's a hero known as Siren, a hero who was trained by Black Canary and can control men with the sound of her voice or a song as well as being able to use Black Canary's 'canary cry'.

Tim Drake also seems like an average teen. Really, he's a vigilante called Red Robin. Leader of the Teen Titans. Third partner of Batman. 

Tim and (Y/n)'s relationship used to be pretty normal, now, they have no idea. While the Teen Titans hunt down an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Tim makes sure his team of meta humans is safe, especially (Y/n). 

How will this all work out in the end?

who in the world is bunker? cuz he's not apart of the teen titans.