Underfell?   Sansxreader

Underfell? Sansxreader

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🌧Cloudy day🌧 By Rotten_Peach Updated Jan 11, 2016

Falling downin a hole at a mountain meeting a scared tiny flower? 

Is scary..

But it's words fill you with 


Underfell Flowey is adorable but Underswap Flowey will always be best Flowey
BuffyAndMe BuffyAndMe Jul 17, 2016
I'd love to be able to cry like that to creep the hell out of people. 🙂
KouKunn KouKunn Jul 07, 2016
I'm filled with determination to not go with mama goat. Please add that as an option.
KouKunn KouKunn Jul 07, 2016
Flowey is my new dork. Screw real people, my date is a fictional flower that possibly wants to kill me in another AU.
ItzGabrxiella ItzGabrxiella Dec 19, 2016
What do you mean?
                              I am the determination.*puts on shades*
rainbowjuice849 rainbowjuice849 Jun 11, 2016
                              Okay im just gonna leave then lol